Smiles: Fortune Hunters! 

  Smiles: Fortune Hunters is a platform game with nail-biting action, brain-teasing puzzles and, for those of you addicted to eye candy, four dazzling environments! Your task sounds simple: help either Smily or Smaly collect all of the treasure on each level without running into any bad guys. Of course, your enemies will do everything they can to keep you from running off with their gold!

  In addition to climbing ladders and shuffling across ropes, you can dig through rock, drill through walls, fire up a jetpack and set off dynamite -- all in an effort to avoid monsters and reach buried treasure. Your quest will take you through the pyramids of Egypt, over the glaciers of the Arctic, along the dusty trails of the Wild West and into the far reaches of space! With all of that and more, Smiles: Fortune Hunters is one adventure that won't fail to give you your money's worth!

  Full version features:

  • 2 main characters to choose from: Smily or Smaly!

  • 100 levels to complete!

  • 4 wonderful environments to explore!

  • 7 items to help in your adventures!

  • 8 different enemies to challenge you!

(download size 25.0mb,
version 1.01)
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Get ready to the adventure! Fly like a bird! Dig for treasures! Jump away from chase! Blow them up, baby!



Evil Invasion.

  Evil Invasion is a hardcore arcade shooter with a dash of role-playing elements that takes place in the world of powerful magic, great heroes and dangerous monsters.

  You are the Hero, the Chosen One, the last hope of humanity. Your mission is simple: protect the world from evil hordes!
  There are two gameplay modes: Quests and Survival. Complete all quests first, then try to repel against endless evil forces in Survival!
  Many spells and abilities give numerous strategies to accomplish your mission.

  Game features:

  • RPG-like character development system

  • 21 hero skills and spells

  • 7 different monsters, each one with specific attack and behavior

  • 10 quests with 3 difficulty levels

  • Survival mode

  • 12 bonus items to help in your mission

  Don't forget to read the game's manual - it contains lots of useful information!


(version 1.24,
download size 11.8mb)
(shareware, $19.95!)
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(Top 100 Survival
High Scores)
Hero stats dialog. Monsters try to surround hero.
Will he survive? Download the game and find out!
Poison Cloud, Holy Light and Freezing Spear in action. Overkill?
Not if you're fighting dozens of monsters at once!
 Meteor + Wrath of God =
no more evil!
Try to survive in this hostile world!

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